Review: "Definitely, maybe in love" by Ophelia London

Quando ho letto per la prima volta la trama di questo libro, ne sono rimasta affascinata e ho subito pensato che l’avrei dovuto leggere il prima possibile. Ho avuto, poi, la fortuna di ricevere un ARC dalla casa editrice e posso solo dire di aver letteralmente divorato questo bellissimo romanzo.

When I read for the first time the plot of this book, I was fascinated and I immediately thought that I should have read as soon as possible. I was then lucky enough to receive an ARC from the publisher and I can only say that I have literally devoured this beautiful novel.

Title: Definetely, maybe in love
Author: Ophelia London
Date of Publication: October 28th 2013 by Entangled: Embrace
Language: English
Source: Publisher E-ARC
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance

Spring Honeycutt wants two things: to ace her sustainable living thesis and to save the environment. Both seem hopelessly unobtainable until her college professor suggests that with a new angle, her paper could be published. Spring swears she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that happens.

“Whatever it takes,” however, means forming a partnership with the very hot, very privileged, very conceited Henry Knightly.

Henry is Spring’s only hope at publication, but he’s also the über-rich son of a land developer and cash-strapped Spring’s polar opposite. Too bad she can’t help being attracted to the way he pushes her buttons, both politically and physically. As they work on her thesis, Spring finds there’s more to Henry than his old money and argyle sweaters…but can she drop the loud-and-proud act long enough to let him in? Suddenly, choosing between what she wants and what she needs puts Spring at odds with everything she believes in.

Definitely, Maybe in Love is a modern take on Pride and Prejudice that proves true love is worth risking a little pride.

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When we compare with a great novel, there are only two possibilities for the hardcore fans: prepare for a fiasco of gigantic proportions or be surprised to find that it is able to match the original, certainly in a different way from the “model”. This applies both to the movies and to novels and I admit that very often I find myself in the first situation. But “Definitely, maybe in love” was a nice surprise and this romance has managed to capture me from the start.
All Jane Austen’s fans hoped that sooner or later they will find themselves immersed in the atmosphere of Regency England with the mysterious Mr. Darcy at their side, but if the story was set in present day America? What would happen?
Elizabeth Bennet might be Spring Honeycutt, a major student in “Environmental Earth Science”, a proud supporter of the ecosystem that wants to change the world, but is still working on her thesis. And Fitzwilliam Darcy could be Henry Knightly, a student in law, who has had a very rich family and against which Spring has manifested.
Their relationship is the “classic” one: they collide with the dialectic and the opposition of ideas. And when it seems all is lost, it will be time for both of them to give up a little pride.
Many characters return: Bingley in the guise of Henry’s friend, Dart Charleston; the Spring’s roomates, aka Lizzy’s sisters; and so on. I think it was also fun to recognize that character or another, seeing their “match”.
In the background there is the Stanford University, where all the characters live and study. However, as in the original, there will be ample space for the out the door “trips”.

“Definitely, maybe in love” is a great retelling with a modern language and characters that you will love. And if you’re a fan of Austen, this is definitely a must-read.


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